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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions: Unique Jewels, Made to Order items and Winter Sale 2020 items

Sale items

All sale jewellery items are supplied with presentation box or case. All prices include Special Delivery transit costs within the UK. Sale items cannot be exchanged for Gift Vouchers. Sale ends midnight December 25th 2020. Exchanges can be made up to and including January 3rd 2021. Goods can be exchanged for other products in the Shop including items not in the sale BUT must be to the same value as the original purchase. Postage/transit costs for exchanged items must be paid for by the customer. Returns policy: items can be returned up to 14 days from purchase for a full refund but must be undamaged and in original condition.


These conditions govern all contracts of the sale of jewellery from the Commissions section  or the Made to Order section between Lucy Copleston and any customer (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Customer’). These terms can only be varied with the written consent of Lucy Copleston

A confirmed order is made when the Customer has paid the part payment required. All orders for the supply of goods placed by the Customer with Lucy Copleston are irrevocable unless otherwise expressly stated in writing. A confirmed order may only be cancelled or varied with Lucy Copleston’s written consent. Such consent shall not in any way prejudice Lucy Copleston’s right to recover from the Customer full compensation (including profit) for any loss or expense arising from such cancellation or variation of the original order. Lucy Copleston is under no obligation to agree to vary an order.


Cancellation must be made in writing. The order is not cancelled until Lucy Copleston has consented to the cancellation in writing to the Customer. Lucy Copleston reserves the right to refuse acceptance of goods returned to her without permission.


The price provided by Lucy Copleston at the time an order is made is an estimate. The customer accepts that the final balance may vary from the original estimate. Any variation, if it applies, reflects variation in the costs of raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Payment and part payment

Lucy Copleston requires a 50% part payment before work can commence on an order. Lucy Copleston reserves the right to require a larger part payment.  Payment of the balance is due before dispatch or collection by the Customer. Lucy Copleston reserves the right to refuse to dispatch goods to a customer whose payment is not made. A charge of £50 will be made for each instance of a returned or represented cheque.

Completion date

The completion date provided by Lucy Copleston at the time an order is made is an estimate. Lucy Copleston will use her best endeavour to deliver the goods on the estimated date for delivery or collection, but does not guarantee to do so. Lucy Copleston shall, under no circumstances whatsoever, be liable to the Customer for any loss, damage or expenses, whether caused directly or indirectly, by or from any delay in the completion of an order.


Delivery to the Customers own premises or to those of a nominated agent will be charged extra to the Customer. Delivery is usually made via Special Delivery postage insured to the value of £2000. Higher insurance values are not covered by Lucy Copleston. If customers prefer, they can arrange their own collection and delivery and organise a higher insurance value by arrangement with Lucy Copleston. Where delivery is to be made by an independent carrier, delivery to or pickup by the carrier will be deemed delivery to the Customer. Claims for shortages or non-delivery must be supported by the carrier’s consignment or delivery note on which the goods have been signed and checked at the time of delivery. All claims for shortages or non-delivery must be made by telephone within 3 working days and in writing within 5 working days. Any loss or damage to the goods after delivery, whatever the cause, is the sole responsibility of the Customer.


A specification is compiled  for the customer according to their requirements and emailed or posted. The customer is required to return a signed copy to Lucy Copleston before work can commence.  Changes to this can be made up until the time when gemstones and bullion are to be ordered, after which date a surcharge may be levied for the extra admin time required.

Absolute consistency of sizes, materials, proportions, colours and shades are not guaranteed by Lucy Copleston and are given as guidance only. On those occasions where repeat orders find that there is some variation from the previous order, Lucy Copleston cannot be held responsible for those changes.

Care of jewellery

All items of jewellery must be cleaned in accordance with instructions given by Lucy Copleston, or the item should be taken to an established jeweller for cleaning. Lucy Copleston is not liable for any damage caused due to the Customer not following these recommendations. Jewellery should be treated with reasonable care. Jewellery should not be worn in bed or in the shower or bath or when swimming in the sea or public swimming bath.


Jewellery and rings should be removed before playing sports, swimming, clapping or washing up. Lucy Copleston is not liable for any damage caused due to the Customer not following these recommendations. Lucy Copleston is not liable for any costs associated with normal wear and tear during the lifespan of the commissioned jewellery.

Alterations and repairs

Lucy Copleston recommends that items made by her should be returned to her for repair and/or alteration. Any damage or costs caused by repairs or alterations made by a third party are the sole responsibility of the Customer.  Lucy Copleston will only carry out free-of-charge repairs on either a commissioned piece of jewellery, a made to order piece of jewellery or an item of jewellery bought via the website shop if it is faulty and returned to her within three months of the delivery date. Alterations, e.g. resizing of rings, are always chargeable.

Claims against Lucy Copleston

All claims in respect of goods alleged to be defective must be made in writing within 14 days from the date of delivery.

Set-off and lien

No payments may be withheld nor may any counterclaims by the Customer be set-off against any payment due under this or any other contract. Lucy Copleston shall have a general and particular lien on all money and property, which the Customer owns or is entitled to possess, which is in the possession of Lucy Copleston or her agents, which it may sell as the Customers agent to reduce the Customers debt to Lucy Copleston.

Force majeure

Lucy Copleston shall not be under any liability of any kind for non-performance in whole or in part of its obligations under the contract due to causes beyond the reasonable control of Lucy Copleston or of Lucy Copleston‘s suppliers, or due to labour disputes.

Ownership of goods

Property of any goods supplied to the Customer will not pass to the Customer until the Customer pays for the goods in full. Further, title to such goods shall not pass to the Customer until payment to Lucy Copleston of all amounts owing is made. Lucy Copleston has the right to recover from the Customer the cost of installation, removal, return transport and diminution in value of any such goods not paid for in full. If prior to making payment to Lucy Copleston, the Customer contracts to sell the goods to a third party in substantially the same form in which they were delivered to the Customer, then the title to such goods and payment liability shall pass from Lucy Copleston to such third party only upon full payment to Lucy Copleston.

Intellectual Property Rights

All industrial or intellectual material or property rights associated with the design or manufacturing processes of commissioned pieces, made to order pieces and items for sale via the website ‘Lucy Copleston Exclusive Jewellery’   are the property of Lucy Copleston and remain so after ownership of the commissioned piece, or the made to order piece or the item bought via the website passes to the Customer.

Lucy Copleston reserves the right to reproduce the designs and use images of designs. The Customer agrees to indemnify Lucy Copleston from and against all costs, claims, liabilities and damages which she may suffer or incur as a result of using, reproducing or exploiting any industrial or intellectual material or property rights without the consent of Lucy Copleston or the proprietor. All designs and sketches by Lucy Copleston are © copyrighted material. All photographic product images on the site www.exclusivejewellery.co.uk are the copyrighted material © of Gary Sheridan of Sheridan Photography

Rectification of these Terms

If any of these terms, or any part of these terms, is unenforceable or void by law, it shall not affect the remainder of such terms or any other such term or otherwise affect the contract and shall be replaced by such valid term as is near as may be in effect to the original term.

Email marketing

Lucy Copleston will automatically add you to its mailing list as someone who has expressed an interest in the Company and its products. If you would like to unsubscribe from the list please contact me by email or phone.


The laws of England shall govern all contracts between Lucy Copleston and the Customers and any disputes arising there from shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

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