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Beginners Taster Session – one day course


This is a one day ‘Taster’ session for beginners. Your day in the Workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 5.30pm. Tuition is one-to-one so your learning is intensive and fast tracked.  Scroll down to booking calendar for availability and booking.
The aim of this course is to introduce beginners to the fascinating craft of precious metal jewellery making, using traditional  hand tools, with centuries old techniques. The mysteries of working precious metals will be revealed, and you will be encouraged to discover and express your creative self.

Please note: Students provide their own silver and copper and are advised and guided as to what materials to buy and where to buy them from in advance of their Workshop day/s. Contact Lucy for her comprehensive Suppliers List and advice after booking your day.

What is provided

  • A choice of flexible Projects specifically for beginners. Contact Lucy to receive a selection after booking your day.
  • Silver solders are provided free.
  • All tools and equipment.
  • A photographic record of the development of your jewellery.
  • Detailed technique notes supplied by email after booking your day.
  • Tools and equipment list for small workshops supplied by email.
  • A comprehensive book list supplied by email on request.
  • Tea and coffee throughout your session/s.
  • For students in further education or participating in government training schemes a personalised Certificate of Attendance is supplied on request.

What you will learn

  • How to anneal metals to soften themHow to shape and form metals
  • How to solder with silver solder
  • How to file, pierce, cut and drill metals
  • How to finish and polish your jewllery
  • How to texture metals with hammers and punches

The Workshop has two traditional hand-built jewellers’ workbenches and is fully equipped with hand tools, power tools and an enamelling kiln.
Each stage of your project is photographed throughout your session, and a comprehensive visual record of all the techniques and processes used in the making of your piece is supplied via email.  Students then have an immediate resource to refer to should they wish to progress the craft at home.

Easy and safe parking is available within 50 metres of the premises. Contact Lucy for directions of how to reach the Workshop.


Beginners Taster Session – one day course


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