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Advanced Jewellery Making


Your day in the Workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 5.30pm. Tuition is one-to-one so your learning is intensive and fast tracked. Scroll down to booking calendar for availability and booking.

Tutor Lucy Copleston has a Master’s degree from the Royal College of Art.   This course is designed for people who already have experience of  constructing precious metal jewellery . You may book either single days, or a block by arrangement. You may also book a regular repeat day every week or month.  Contact Lucy to discuss.

What is provided

  • Silver solders are provided free.
  • All tools and equipment.
  • A photographic record of the development of your jewellery.
  • Detailed technique notes.
  • Tools and equipment list for small workshops.
  • A comprehensive book list.
  • Tea and coffee throughout your session/s.
  • For students in further education or participating in government training schemes a personalised Certificate of Attendance is supplied on request.

What you will learn

Advanced jewellery making includes more complex techniques:

  • Advanced silver soldering techniques.
  • Gold soldering of the various carats and gold solder grades.
  • Stone setting and mount construction.
  • Keum Boo.
  • Acid etching of silver, copper and bronze.
  • Rivetting and other non soldering techniques for joining metals.
  • Advanced enamelling techniques to include champlevé and  cloisonné.
  • Chemical patinations.
  • Necklace and bead stringing.
  • Creating and preparing a ‘master’ pattern for the casting technique.
  • Wax carving.
  • Reticulation.
  • Anticlastic forming.



Advanced Jewellery Making


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