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The Made to Order Process

Made to Order pieces of jewellery allow the customer to make various specifications which are not available with a ready made piece.

How does a made to order piece of jewellery differ from a commissioned piece? The difference is that a made to order piece of jewellery can be repeated identically whereas a commissioned piece is never an identical repeat.

Made to Order Rings
Some rings which have a continuous decoration can only be made in certain sizes. Gem set rings can carry any gem stone you wish, either facet cut or ‘en cabochon’. The customer is wholly responsible for supplying the correct size for their finger before a made to order ring is constructed, particularly engagement rings that are meant to be a surprise. Altering the size of a ring after it is made is often impossible.

For the specification I will need to know:
Which of my designs you want to order
What customisation you want if any
The metal/s the piece is to be made in
The gem stones if any
The ring size or other dimensions/specification if the item is for a gift – See Jewellery Sizing
Your deadline if applicable

Terms and Conditions
These apply to all items bought in the made to order section and the commissioned section of this website.  Please see Terms and Conditions.

As with commissioned pieces gemstones are obtained as a consignment ‘on approval’. Usually I will make the choice of the most suitable gem for the piece being made but will also consult you as to your preferences.

Price estimates
It is important to understand that prices of precious metals and other raw materials and processes can fluctuate. Calculating an exact final price is not always possible before completion. As the customer you need to be aware that the final price may vary from the initial given estimate.

When you place your order I take a 50% part payment. When you have paid this it means that you have agreed to my terms and conditions (see Terms and Conditions). Work only commences when part payment is received. The balance of payment is due on collection or before being dispatched. Payment can be made via PayPal, BACS or cheque.

Delivery and deadlines
Most made to order items take a minimum of 4 weeks to complete. If you require your jewellery for a specific date please make sure that you discuss this with me at the outset. It may be possible to deliver more quickly but I will need to know in advance. Items can either be collected from the workshop or posted to you. Please see Terms and Conditions – Delivery.

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